Laser Hair Growth Comb —

Laser Hair Growth Comb

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Stop hair loss and makes hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier.
Spectacular advance in hair treatment with laser.
Tried and tested technology in professional exclusive clinics around the world with great success.
Brings the same level of laser phototherapy into a personal device that is affordable, easy to use and can be used wherever and whenever.
Combines laser photo therapy that sends nourishing, low-level laser light energy into your hair with bio stimulating vibration technology to stimulate circulation.
Studies show that the combined action of 3 beams of light plus a massage function significantly increases hair strength, improves hair quality and stops hair loss.
7 red energy diodes stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles.
7 blue energy diodes regenerate surface of the hair follicles.
High precision laser beam window nourishes the root of the hair and helps makes hair follicles thicker.
Item Type: Comb
Model Number: Laser Treatment Power Comb
Size: 24cm x 4cm x 4.5cm (9.4in x 1.6in x 1.8in)
Material: PLASTIC
Item: Therapy Comb
Input Voltage: DC 6V
Red LED Wave Length: 660nm +/- 5nm
Blue LED Wave Length: 470nm +/- 5nm
Laser Wave Length: 650nm +/- 5nm
Estimated Delivery Time: 25 days

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