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Electric Air Pump DC12V/AC230V Inflate Deflate Car Electropump with 3 Nozzles US Plug EUR Plug plus 12V car connection cable

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Description :

Electric Air Pump,  DC12V/AC230V 2 Plug Electric Inflate Deflate Pumps / Car Inflator Pump Electropump with 3 Nozzles for Air Bed Boat Raft Mattress Camping, Car Use - Automatic and Fast Pumping Up and Down
(USAC110V EUAC230V) 
Product description
▶Electric Air Pump is the perfect camping accessory for inflating or deflating boats, air beds mattresses, toys, balls, sports equipment and more!
▶The pump is portable and lightweight so it is ideal for transporting to campsites, festivals or taking on holiday.
▶The pump is supplied with three nozzle attachments to suit all standard valve fittings.
•Inflates and Deflates Variety of Inflatables such as Air Mattresses, Paddling pools, Beach toys Etc
•High Speed, Quick Inflate & Deflate
•Completes with 3 Valve Adapters
•Lightweight and Portable
•Plugs into any 230v Household Socket
•Can be use for UK Mains Plugs, 12V car connection plug
•Voltage: 230V / 12V
•Power: 50W
•Color: Black
•Material: PA+PE
•Cable length: 150 cm
•Dimension: 12 x 10 x 8 cm (L x W x H)
▪When using the air pump,pleease rest for 5 minutes when inflate with big adaptor in every 10 minutes and rest 5 minutes inflate with small adaptor in every 5 minutes
▪The product must not be used by children.
▪Before using select an appropriate nozzle to shorten the operating time.
▪Not Suitable for use with Tyres or Balloons or items requiring high pressure.
Package Included:
1 x Air Pump
1 x 230 Volt power supply
1 x 12V car connection cable
3 x nozzle
1 x Manual
Please tell us what color/Light Tint you want,or we will send you randomly. 
Item Type: Pumps
Brand Name: Auzan
Voltage: Air Pump Wedge Bag

Model Name: A065

Estimated Delivery Time:12-20days

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